Camera Ready Submission

Camera Ready Submission Guideline

The final camera ready paper is due on 20th November 2019. This is a firm deadline for the production of the proceedings. Please follow the following steps to finalize the camera ready version of your paper:

Final Manuscript Instructions

Step 1: Final Paper Preparation

1. You are requested to revise your manuscript carefully according to the comments of the reviewers and do thorough proofreading of the manuscript to confirm that it will require no revision.

2. Prepare your manuscript using the standard IEEE conference templates available via this link:          

        Note: Do not add any page numbering, header or footer.

Please follow all the criteria mentioned during initial submission.

Step 2: IEEE Xplore Compatibility of PDF File

Convert your paper from your source application format to Xplore-compatible PDF using IEEE PDF eXpress Plus. Note that you need to embed all fonts in your PDF file and type 3 fonts are not allowed. Please use the following website to convert your source files into an IEEE Xplore-compliant PDF file.
       (use conference ID – 48840XP)

The first time you access the system, please follow the link to new user. Please note that, in order to access the service, you need to allow the use of cookies from the PDF eXpress website. Once you have registered as a new user:

  1. Upload the source file that contains your paper for conversion
  2. Receive by email the IEEE Xplore – compatible PDF of your paper

Please along with IEEE PDF Xpress compliant pdf file preserve a copy of the compliance message from PDF Xpress which needs to be uploaded during your registration.

Step 3: Camera Ready Submission

Login to your Easy Chair Author system: [].

Upload your manuscript PDF (Generated from IEEE PDF Xpress or Pass the PDF Xpress compliant check) and submit your final camera-ready through the system.

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