PEEIACON 2021 invites papers from the field of signal processing, information technology, communications and system applications. The topics of interest, encompassed by the scope of the conference but not limited to, are as follows:

  1. Motor drives & motion control
  2. Power Electronics & Machine Control
  3. Applications of power electronics in power system
  4. Optimization in Power Electronics
  5. Analysis & design of electrical machines
  6. Renewable Energy Systems
  7. Distributed power generation & smart-grid
  8. Modeling & simulation in power electronics
  9. Applications of power electronics in home appliances, industry & aerospace
  10. Application of Power Electronics in Power Quality Issues
  11. Power System Reliability
  12. Traction & automotive systems
  13. Permanent-Magnet Motors and Drives
  14. Permanent-Magnet Generator Systems
  15. Power Converters
  16. Motion Control and Servo Systems
  17. Induction, Synchronous, Reluctance Machines and Drives
  18. Sensorless Control
  19. Machines System Modeling
  20. Energy Efficient Systems
  21. Linear Machines and Magnetic Levitations
  22. Reliability and Diagnostics of electrical machines
  23. Special Machines and Actuators
  24. Transformers
  25. Cooling Technologies
  26. Magnetics and Field Analysis
  27. Power electronics related educational/professional development
  28. Bio-medical power electronics
  29. Telecommunications power supplies
  30. Micro electro-magnetical systems (MEMS)
  31. Magnetic and Insulation Materials
  32. Power semiconductors, power integrated circuits (PIC), passive components and packaging technologies
  33. Application of Power Electronics in Transportation
  34. Power Electronics in Telecommunications networks